Crowdfunding, My Way

Crowdfunding is getting a lot of press, lately. President Obama is about to sign the JOBS Act of 2012 that will make it easier for small business startups to sell stock in their fledgling companies to anyone over the Internet. Many expect it to create a flood of “micro-investors” who will infuse our economy with much-needed money and jobs, while others think it offers vast new opportunities for fraud.

I’m a huge fan of crowdfunding, but I’m not a fan of the JOBS Act. While I wish anyone looking to get rich through this new way of investing the best of luck, it isn’t my kind of crowdfunding, and I’m a little worried that the thing I’ve come to love will go away as a result of this new law. Here’s how my kind of crowdfunding works: Continue reading

Reality? Check.

We often get messages from sources that suggest they know just where we’re coming from. Bloggers, politicians, major media, advertisers, and sometimes even well-intentioned friends tell us what they think we need to know, and I’ve been struck by how little of it resonates with my actual life. I’d estimate that less than 1% of the uninvited information I see, hear, and read is meaningful. So much junk to wade through, every day, every year.

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