Book Review: Start Here


Now that their Kickstarter campaign has delivered my e-book reward, I can finally review Start Here

Rating: 5/5

My tendency is to read the same types of books, again and again. It’s not that I’m unaware of the existence of other genres. I know that there are a host of wonderful authors just waiting to be discovered, and a zillion “best book” lists out there. I want to be in the know, and to broaden my literary horizons. It’s just that I don’t want to slog through mountains of information to find the good stuff – I need guidance.

This book fulfilled my need perfectly. It sticks to twenty-five stellar authors, many of whom I’ve heard of but never read, and some of whom I’d never heard of (clearly, I’m unhip). Each chapter helped to get me interested in something new, and told me what to expect along the journey. For authors I already know well, I think that the advice was spot on.

Often the suggestions ease you into the author’s work to prepare you for more challenging and rewarding things to come. Other times, the order helps you get maximum enjoyment from a best-loved work by introducing you to the author’s style and themes first; priming the pump, as it were. What a nice way to go. I can’t wait to dive in.

The Nerd’s Guide to Reading

My never-ending hunt for new books to read continues, and the latest find is a goldmine: The Nerd’s Guide to Reading. How do I know it’s fantastic? Many of the books that I’ve already read are among my all-time favorites, so I’m thinking that the rest are worthy of consideration.

Genres include popular science, history, classics, fantasy, and science fiction. It seems like I’ll never have enough time to read everything I’ve added to my list lately, but I think that’s actually pretty wonderful.

Science Fiction – A Nerd’s Guide to Reading

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Support START HERE for great reading

This month I’m proud to be backing START HERE, a literature project by Brooklyn’s Book Riot that will offer expert suggestions about where to start with a variety of authors. The authors they plan to feature vary quite nicely, and as a backer, you can help decide who makes the list.

I certainly find myself intimidated by a number of famous authors who I’d like to become familiar with, but have no idea where to start or what I’ll find. This is why I enjoy the Goodreads community so much – getting suggestions from others has helped me discover some of my favorite authors.

There’s less than two weeks to make this happen, and the project has yet to reach its goal, so your support can make a significant difference!