The Onion’s Schooling Us

This slideshow is shockingly effective satire — it juxtaposes fancy celebrity dress descriptions with photographs from the civil war in Syria to devastating effect.

It certainly makes me think closely about how easy it is to slip out of the real world and become submerged in the carefully-constructed “reality” that our entertainment choices create.

How do you balance being aware of the horrific suffering so many endure in the world (as well as the endless list of big problems that need fixing), while also doing what you need to get through each week by taking some time to tune it out?

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Connecting to Google+

Just a quick administrative announcement:

Henceforth I’m cross-posting most of my Google+ content here on the blog. From today onward, you’ll also see any new posts. These posts will have a special Google+ link at the end (see yesterday for an example), so you’ll easily be able to identify them.

My hope is that it will help keep things a bit fresher. Huge thanks to Daniel Treadwell for the fantastic WordPress plugin that makes the magic happen!

Thank you for your continued support!

Today’s Sanctuary Visit

It’s a warm mid-January day here at the Our Companions ( Ashford sanctuary, and the animals seem to be enjoying it as much as we are. I think some of the cats may never have seen a laser pointer before, as they were going crazy chasing it around!

Here’s Dunkin, taking a break from playing. Yet another wonderful cat in need of a home, this youngster is a little more chill than some of the others. He likes playing and really enjoys the attention of being pet.

I believe I shared a photo of his brother, Cooper, back in December, who has since found a great family to live with. As much as I miss visiting them when they go, I’m always psyched to hear about a successful adoption.


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