Iconic Black and White, In Color

These photos are surreal in their real-ness, now that they’ve been cleaned and colorized. Stunning work.

Modernized President: Portraits of Abraham Lincoln, In Color | LightBox | TIME.com
For this week’s issue of TIME, Sanna Dullaway digitally colorized archival images of America’s 16th president in hopes of bringing history to life. Here’s a look back on the iconic images she’s revisi…

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Lazy Truth

If you use Gmail, add this extension to Chrome, and it will help you debunk claims made in  forwarded emails. This is a great tool for students (and adults) to determine the truth or falsehood of the dreaded email chain letter.

Fiction, Meet Fact. LazyTruth is a free Gmail gadget that automatically triggers fact-checked content when you receive a misleading email forward. Get LazyTruth.

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Frontline’s Climate of Doubt

This Frontline episode about how effective the climate change denial lobby has become scares me to the core. Smart tactics are being used by organizations that are funded by rich, anonymous donors on a public that is often justifiably skeptical and sick of the media and political circus. This creates a perfect storm that could utterly change life as we know it on this planet for the worse.

Worth watching, but if you’re like me, it may be hard to let go. The stakes are just too big.

Climate of Doubt – FRONTLINE
FRONTLINE explores the massive shift in public opinion on climate change.

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