Unhealthy Discontent

Last weekend I got sick. I had chills and a fever with no cold symptoms, and developed searing pain, swelling, and redness in the lower calf of my left leg. It was weird, and I was worried. Thankfully I found a walk-in medical clinic open on Sunday, where I was duly diagnosed with cellulitus [warning: yucky photos, not of me].

Within 48 hours of being placed on high-powered antibiotics, all of my symptoms disappeared, and I’m still doing great today. Everyone involved, from the reception staff to the Nurse Practitioner that helped cure me, was fantastic. I am extremely grateful that such excellent care was available on short notice, during a weekend. Without it, I would have probably gone through the ordeal (and cost) of an emergency room visit.

Now that the whole thing is over, I’ve discovered something completely unexpected:  nobody can tell me how much my visit cost, and I won’t know for weeks. Continue reading