My Chromebook Dilemma

Earlier this week I received a cryptic email from Amazon asking me to call a certain phone number about my recent HP Chromebook 11 purchase. Until then, I’d been loving the upgrade from last year’s solid Samsung model, particularly because of the screen and keyboard upgrade. I use my Chromebook just about every day, and the improvements in this year’s model make a big difference. Continue reading

Unhealthy Discontent

Last weekend I got sick. I had chills and a fever with no cold symptoms, and developed searing pain, swelling, and redness in the lower calf of my left leg. It was weird, and I was worried. Thankfully I found a walk-in medical clinic open on Sunday, where I was duly diagnosed with cellulitus [warning: yucky photos, not of me].

Within 48 hours of being placed on high-powered antibiotics, all of my symptoms disappeared, and I’m still doing great today. Everyone involved, from the reception staff to the Nurse Practitioner that helped cure me, was fantastic. I am extremely grateful that such excellent care was available on short notice, during a weekend. Without it, I would have probably gone through the ordeal (and cost) of an emergency room visit.

Now that the whole thing is over, I’ve discovered something completely unexpected:  nobody can tell me how much my visit cost, and I won’t know for weeks. Continue reading

On Resolutions and Failure

Here’s to everyone who decides to make resolutions to better themselves for each New Year, knowing that the last year might not have worked out entirely as planned, but forging ahead nonetheless! The easy path lies with cynicism and ennui; so much better to criticize those who try and fail, so sensible not to bother trying. Bah. To hell with them. Continue reading