Support START HERE for great reading

This month I’m proud to be backing START HERE, a literature project by Brooklyn’s Book Riot that will offer expert suggestions about where to start with a variety of authors. The authors they plan to feature vary quite nicely, and as a backer, you can help decide who makes the list.

I certainly find myself intimidated by a number of famous authors who I’d like to become familiar with, but have no idea where to start or what I’ll find. This is why I enjoy the Goodreads community so much – getting suggestions from others has helped me discover some of my favorite authors.

There’s less than two weeks to make this happen, and the project has yet to reach its goal, so your support can make a significant difference!

Walk [Your City]

I’m very excited about supporting the Walk [Your City] project this month – they call it guerrilla wayfinding. It centers on an open-source platform that creates walking directions between points of interest in any city, and then provides free printable signs that can be put up at various intersections to show people how many cool things there are to discover.

Combining a sense of exploration and fun with an incentive to exercise, CityFabric has a winning idea that I’m proud to be a part of. Interested in getting in on the action? Check out their Kickstarter Campaign before Sunday, April 29th.  Continue reading

Crowdfunding, My Way

Crowdfunding is getting a lot of press, lately. President Obama is about to sign the JOBS Act of 2012 that will make it easier for small business startups to sell stock in their fledgling companies to anyone over the Internet. Many expect it to create a flood of “micro-investors” who will infuse our economy with much-needed money and jobs, while others think it offers vast new opportunities for fraud.

I’m a huge fan of crowdfunding, but I’m not a fan of the JOBS Act. While I wish anyone looking to get rich through this new way of investing the best of luck, it isn’t my kind of crowdfunding, and I’m a little worried that the thing I’ve come to love will go away as a result of this new law. Here’s how my kind of crowdfunding works: Continue reading