About your host

Hi there, I’m Tom Gromak. Thanks for visiting my site.

I’m a technology educator in the Hartford, Connecticut area, and I’m proud to have grown up as a geek. A computer’s been a part of my daily life since 1981, in fact, and I’ve been online for more than 20 years — before the web itself was even popular. If you’re ever inclined to take me too seriously, ask me what I said the first time I saw a web page…

It seems as though I’ve done a bit of everything with technology, from programming, web design, and graphic arts to music production, video editing, and amateur radio … while I’m very proud of my accomplishments, I know too many people who are far better in each area than me to consider myself an expert on any of it. Instead, I consider myself well-rounded, able to quickly learn the basics of just about anything.

I left the business world in 2003 to become a teacher, and have never looked back. Today my days are filled with helping students in grades 6-12 (and their teachers) use technology to enhance learning and discover how awesome all of this geek stuff truly is. Other things I enjoy include reading, writing, both listening to and making music, hiking, travel, photography, and playing games of all kinds.


About this site

The goal of this site is both simple and selfish. It’s a place for me to share thoughts, discoveries, and ideas online, for anyone who’d care to read them. As a result, what you’ll find here is as unique and quirky as I am … if it’s not your thing, I understand completely.

My content here is focused on longer, less frequent posts; for short updates, please see my feeds. Topics you’ll find vary depending on whatever’s caught my interest, but often include technology, books, music, games, writing, art, culture, and education. I’m told the way to succeed online is to specialize in a niche area and then dominate it. Clearly, I’m not on the road to distinction or fame; I’m less focused than Henry Bemis after the apocalypse, but that’s OK. I’m just here to get these darned things out of my brain.

This site is the latest incarnation of a long series of online projects, including podcasting and blogging (almost) daily for over three years. For more information about what brought me to this incarnation of my ongoing online project, please see my site philosophy. WordPress is the engine behind everything here, excepting a few multimedia plugins and embedded content from other services. I’ve also messed with the design a bit to suit my tastes. Please contact me if you’re interested in more information about the tools I use to create and maintain this site.